The prices quoted in our export price list are Free On Board (FOB) Nairobi.  Please note that these are wholesale prices and will only apply to quantities of more than 12 items per order.

In case of any price change, Crafts of Africa – Kenya does notify the customers early enough so as to avoid any inconveniences. Crafts of Africa – Kenya does usually request customers to give the description, size and code numbers of the items being ordered. Sending craft photo/images by courier, of the specific craft items the customer has ordered is also very much appreciated and encouraged. Please note that goods are handmade. We therefore cannot guarantee those delivered will be exactly identical to the pictures in the photos. Though we guarantee the BEST quality and making as close as possible to the product specification a slight variance in the sizes of items of the same price should be expected

Freight, Forwarding and handling charges are determined and affected on the basis of the product fragility, weight and volume.  This means packaging and forwarding charges can never be charged on a uniform basis.  The reason being that packing differs from one kind of product to the other, or the size of the whole consignment.  

However, prior to the shipment of the goods we do advise the freighting company to inform our customer in advance with respect to the good charges collect fee payable to the forwarding freighters.  It is also important to note that conventionally and particularly when it comes to air freighting, the freight companies will always charge according to the weight or the volume thus whatever is greater between either the “weight or the volume” That is what will conventionally determine the airfreight charges.  In addition to that, it is worth noting that when the weight goes beyond 100kg, the freight charges become more cost effective on the part of the importing body/ organization. 

The method of freight entirely depends on the consignees' request.  We are always able to organize for airfreight, sea freight and parcel post.The costs obviously depend on the weight/volume of the products ordered and the mode of transport and port of destination.  Special airfreight rates are offered to consignments weighing more than 100kgs.  In case of sea freight, it is quicker to book a space in a liner if goods can fill-up a full container load of either 20ft or 40ft.  The dispatch of loose cargo cannot be guaranteed as such goods are subject to delay at the port of loading for undetermined periods, until they have been consolidated into a container load for delivery to one port of destination.Maximum post package is 10kgs and or 20kgs for some countries per box and overall measurement of 105 inches within an allowance of 36 inches.  Shipping rates are provided on request.  Rates may change without notice. 


Export documentation is fully processed at this end to include necessary certificates of exemption of duty where they are obtainable such as EUR 1 for EEC and GSP certificate of origin for other states. Incase your country's customs requires a particular kind of special certificate, please let us know when ordering so that we can at this end make arrangements for such.


Our terms will remain strictly (F.O.B.) Free on Board unless prior arrangements have been made between the consignee and our selves.  Buyers will be expected to meet all the freight charges at their end.  Also it may be necessary to make insurance arrangements.  Since the organization will not be responsible for any damage or loss of goods while on transit. 

Delivery time is usually less than 10 weeks after receipt or our order confirmation together with the pro-forma invoice. The time is exclusive of the transshipment period. Our delivery time takes in consideration that all the products are solely handmade with minimum production capacity level. Otherwise we always stimulate our producers to honor the agreed upon delivery time and at times make deliveries in as short as 4 weeks time.


Given that most of our artisans are a hand to mouth people, and in the interest of a good working relationship, and a healthy working capital that enhances our ability to advance material cost payment to our producers, we prefer to receive full payments of the orders amounting to US$3,000 against our pro-forma invoice and 70% advance deposit on orders of more than US$3,000 and the balance payment upon receipt of the final invoice together with the shipping documents.    

The most preferred and efficient payment method is through the Bank Swift system or by a Telegraphic Transfer (T.T)

Alternatively, a confirmed irrevocable (sealed) letter of credit {(S) LC}. Accepting the shipment may be opened with our Bankers at this end. It is important that a prompt payment of balance be made upon arrival of the goods at the port of destination with a ‘sight draft document against payment. (S/DD/P). For more information please contact our:

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