The mode of production for most handicrafts requires basic indigenous methods and to some extent, an application of appropriate technology. In light of this, a continuous/ regular receipt of Handicrafts orders, means more labor intensive and guaranteed income generating opportunities for the craft product groups. These beautifully handcrafted African traditional products are as noted below:

·         African dolls, toys and wooden educational puzzles.

·         African Ladies Bags/ Purse

·         African ladies hats

·         African jewellery designs and traditional maasai jewewllery - Maasai beads bangles and earrings.

·         Banana fibre utility basketry and  artwork  for use in hotels, restaurants, home      

B   Basketry (Kiondos)

·         Batiks and batik post cards including oil painting/ fine art - Post cards made from Recycled locally available materials.

·         Beaded Milk Guards, Natural and colored calabashes

·         Contemporary art work

·         Home – office, Hotel Restaurant   

·         Hand-woven cotton, Tie/ dyed materials, silk screen fabrics and “Swahili” Khanga/ lesos, screen printed T-shirts in African abstract designs.

·         Modern and traditional pottery products.

·         Palm leaf African basketry….  Hotel, homes and Restaurant – Palm Basketry - Fruits/ bread/ laundry Table mats etc

·         Sisal basket ware “Kenyan kiondos”

·         Soapstone carvings (Kisii)

·         Traditional/ cultural African musical instruments and utility cow/ goat skin drum products.

·         Weaving products. Assorted designs

·         Wood carving and related Utility Olive woodcarving and Bone batiks products

·         Wall hanging Art wok made from tree barks wall and other assorted Art wok made from tree barks

·         Gift items e.t.c